Community Outreach for Youth & Families of GA offers services dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with mental illness in Georgia. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and families through therapeutic, person-centered support, thus enhancing the quality of life for both youth and the adult population. Our services are built on the foundation that all people should be granted access to community based programs that foster a nurturing and caring environment. In this caring environment we offer clinical assessments, out-patient therapy, group therapy, psychiatric services, and substance abuse services.

Outpatient Therapy – Provides group, individual, and family counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Adult Intensive Family Intervention Services – A community based rehabilitation services that provide treatment to adults by developing coping and problem-solving skills, and self monitoring ultimately increasing daily activity independence.

Child Intensive Family Intervention Services – Services are provided to children and families experiencing moderate to severe distress. Intensive services are short-term and home based. Crisis stabilization offers families in crisis the alternative to remain safely together, averting out-of-home placement of children in the home.

Clinical Assessment – In home or clinic-based assessments used to identify individual strengths and needs in order to determine eligibility options for children and adults.

Group Therapy – For children and adults, encouraging interactive skill building, developing coping skills, and learning about personal triggers and sequences to behavior in safe, confidential group setting under the direction and supervision of a clinically licensed therapist.

Child and Adult CORE Services – Using a team approach to work with children and adults to plan, monitor, and coordinate services according to the desires of the person and/or family being served.

Psychiatric Services – In an office based setting; evaluation, prescription, and regular medication monitoring are available to children and adults.

Substance Abuse Services – Outpatient services that educate, promote, and support recovery from substance abuse and dependency.

Tutoring and Mentoring – For elementary, middle, and high- school age consumers we understand that some behavior may interrupt academic success.

Live Out Loud (LOL) Program - For elementary, middle, and high-school aged children, the LOL Program is an after-school/summer program that provides group counseling services.

Community Outreach – The not–for-profit branch of our agency allows us to host and participate in community coat drives, food drives, fundraisers, and more. We foster and genuinely welcome partnerships with local and major organizations who also service our community.

Family Services in Durham
Family Services in Durham